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So I fell in love with the X-Factor and I’m going to be star in star! 2 stars

The young people had only recently met and now we can also find out how the love developed between them.

I’ll be the tenth worker and the star! We’re talking about two contestants who, despite not winning talent scouts, clearly put out their business card and caused many unforgettable moments.

Mardoll is in the X-Factor, while Alfred Hadas is in I’ll Be a Star! It started in the same year, a few months ago. They owe so much to the shows, they’ve gotten so much popularity, without them they probably never would have known each other.

The Pepper It was revealed from his article that the rapper first wrote to the rapper, and many letters exchanged followed this. In the end, they met face to face, and very slowly a certain additional feeling arose between them that became love.

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“In the beginning we mostly talked about music. I think he is very talented, and I didn’t think there could be anything between us, it was like thinking about working together.” The rapper said.

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