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So Lagzi Lajcsi is trying to escape from prison

Fishy, ​​looks like a rescue plan after divorce Lagzi Lajcsi, who escapes from prison, is now proving how great he is as a man: he will come to terms with all his anger.

Recently, with Attila Tilinger, who was once rejected – A House party with Attila Hosted entertainment show. He hasn’t had a good relationship with Tilinger at all yet, at that time the musician tried to get into Lagzi Lajcsi cheerful who responded to his request after half a year.

Attila Tlinger, host of the house party with AttilaSource: Hazibuliattilaval / Facebook

“Most of the young artists had the most daring dream of introducing themselves to Lajcsin, as this was the straight path to becoming a superstar at the time. I also sent a demo, to which the response came half a year later: “We’re sorry, but we can’t include him in the show,” Tillinger recalls. Borsnak in a particular interview.

Now, however, Lagzi Lajcsi is a guest on Attila Tilinger’s show, where he will be playing his latest hits.

“The Attila Show is the perfect place for the audience to get acquainted with my new songs. And I will befriend the devil, if necessary… ”- Lagos Galampos admitted his true motives.

Lagos Galampos goes to courtPhoto: Attila Polyak – Orego

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