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So Ramóna Lékai-Kiss got angry and shook her head at the Edda party

Ramóna Lékai-Kiss gave up the momentum, raged so much at the Edda party, and left completely, that it would have been an unforgettable evening.

Set to turn 38 in December, one of Hungary’s most famous and best presenters, who also had an impressive career on TV2 after RTL Club. It’s pretty unbelievable that he’s already close to 40 out of 30 because he seemed to introduce himself to friends yesterday.

Ramy, who is also one of our favourites, is doing so well, full of youthful energy, we wouldn’t even say he’s going to be celebrating his 38th birthday in a few months.

What we really like about his character is that he not only loves humor but understands it, and yet he has become an excellent presenter. In addition to working and raising children, she also needs a bit of a commotion and has been to several parties recently.

Dóri Rácz-Gyuricza painted her little daughter, who is very talented

Recently, for example, he danced to the tunes of the legendary Eda song and shook his head like real rock. The team still knows very well what makes the fly die, since Ida is eternal and always has been and always will be.

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