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So you can listen to free music online

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Phone and PC

Today, in the field of Internet access, mobile phones have caught up with computers, which have always been dominant, and even televisions. However, there are slight differences in how various online services and content are available on these devices. Normally, on mobile phones and TVs, each service requires downloading and installing a dedicated app separate from the app stores where they can be easily found by simply entering their names.

All you need is a good headphone and a smartphone and you can start listening to musicSource: Shutterstock

This is often the case with computers as well, but you have to visit a website and download software related to the desired service. And computers often don’t have much to do, as you can enjoy a variety of content through a browser without any installation or publishing.

listen to music

There are quite a few online services where you can listen to songs for free.

It is important that they cannot be downloaded or copied to our devices, but the user only gets temporary access to the numbers on a remote computer.

As a result, a permanent internet connection is required to use these types of services.


These include YoutubeThere are a lot of songs and videos on this video sharing site.

YouTube can also be used to listen to musicSource: Origo

The great advantage of YouTube is its ease of use, but the fact is that using it just to listen to music can be a huge luxury, simply because you need a lot of data. This, in turn, can cause problems when using the mobile network, which can lead to significant additional costs for users. Also, last but not least, the sound quality is sometimes quite egregious.


a spotify A better solution for listening to music, simply because it was invented for this purpose. Thanks to the terribly large database, a huge amount of songs can be accessed through the app.

Spotify is one of the most popular free music listening servicesSource: Origo

Of course, the numbers of Hungarian speakers are not missing. Spotify lets you collect and share playlists, so you can create a collection of songs for your friends, or even strangers to listen to whatever you want.

There is a free version where you have to listen to commercials for free.

The sound quality is good, but the truth is that the paid version will sound better.
Of course, you can also search for a style or artist, as well as the title of the track. The software constantly monitors the user’s music listening habits and can also recommend songs, bands, and singers accordingly.


a Deezer French online music streaming service, less known in Hungary. It works very similarly to Spotify. There are also recordings of Hungarian performers, and there are both free and paid versions.


a SoundCloud One of the largest online music community in the world, where anyone can put their songs and works. Currently, there are more than 256 million registrations available via this site, but of course there is a lot of amateur material in every way. However, it is also true that unlike Spotify, there are no conditions here, and anyone can really use this to share their work. Its interface is not self-explanatory, easy to use, and feels like it’s not primarily a profit-oriented solution.

There are also a lot of free songs and mixes on SoundCloudSource: Origo

The sound quality largely depends on the quality of the uploaded source, and as a result, there are significant differences in this area, so the scale ranges from poor to professional. SoundCloud also has a lot of DJ mixes by the way, and in general, it can be a goldmine for those who love musical disciplines, underground styles, who like to be a beetle among beginners or who are experimenting with wings or unfamiliar bands and artists.


There are a lot of radio stations to listen to online, and not only live shows, but also packaged programs. This can be especially useful if one likes regional taxes and is in a place that cannot be reached in the traditional way, i.e. through terrestrial radiation.

TuneIn includes tons of online radio stationsSource: Origo

Many broadcasters have their own apps or their own websites from which programs can be accessed easily. On the other hand, it is probably easier to visit the group pages, as the very simple search interface makes it easy to find almost any web radio. Plus, you can search for styles here, so if you’re looking for a rock or folk artist, for example, you can find them in a matter of seconds. An example of this group page is a file webradiok.huor ( or discipline, which is one of the largest services in the world.

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