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Solar energy from Morocco can reduce dependence on the Russians

European countries, including Hungary, have alternative energy purchase options.

A British energy company has signed an agreement with the world’s largest submarine cable company to supply clean electricity to the United Kingdom, which it says will lower energy costs.

Octopus Energy Group announced yesterday that it has entered into a financial and strategic partnership with developer Xlinks, which plans to lay four 3,800 km HVDC submarine cables to connect a massive solar power plant in the Moroccan Sahara to Devon in southwest England. .

Neither company has disclosed financial details of the deal, but they say the plan will provide 3.6 gigawatts of clean and reliable power to the UK for an average of 20 hours, enough green energy to power about seven million heat pumps. public. Simon Morris, CEO of Xlinks, said the partnership “provides a significant opportunity to significantly reduce energy bills and help the UK achieve net zero emissions,” the engineering and technology portal E&T wrote.

However, the effects will not be felt for years to come. The project is still in the development phase, and Xlinks is currently conducting economic, environmental and archaeological impact assessments. The project is due to start operating in 2027. Xlinks says it will generate £48/MWh of electricity after the project starts, making it competitive with new offshore wind farms in UK waters.

The British government is currently working to strengthen the country’s energy supply methods, including reducing its dependence on Russian gas imports and setting a target for zero carbon emissions by 2050. Meanwhile, household energy bills have risen more than 50 percent to nearly £2,000. sterling in April, with experts expecting another sharp rise in October.

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Greg Jackson, founder of Octopus Energy Group said: “Greening will reduce Britain’s energy costs. Getting rid of volatile fossil fuels has already been important in the fight against climate change, but it is now clear for the sake of affordability and security. Do the same.”

What distinguishes this project is that it is based on proven technology on a huge and ambitious scale. Jackson said the renewable energy revolution has not only begun, but is accelerating at an unprecedented rate for the benefit of people and the planet today.

The Initiative It also shows that European countries, including Hungary, have alternatives to energy supplies if access to Russian energy sources is restricted.

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