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Soldiers arrive in the eastern part of NATO – the British elite division in Poland

Britain will command more troops to Poland on Monday Ben Wallace Announced by the British Secretary of Defense after London BlaszczakDiscussed.

At a press conference in Warsaw following the arrival of British troops, the Polish Minister of National Defense underlined: British elite, Royal Marines Establishing members

Significantly strengthens security in the eastern part of NATO.

Blaszczak said: Warsaw sees this as a sign of solidarity between the states of the North Atlantic Alliance. 1700 American soldiers In addition, British soldiers are also coming.

He recalled that British troops had been in the ranks of the NATO International Battalion, which had been stationed in Poland since 2016, and since the end of last year, hundreds of British military personnel had been assisting in strengthening border surveillance facilities along the Polish-Belarusian border.

British troops are said to be participating in joint exercises with the Poles and to support their Polish partners in developing emergency planning and capabilities related to the integration of Russian armed forces along the Ukrainian border.

Talks in Warsaw in the afternoon Boris Johnson British Prime Minister.

Cover: One of the U.S. Air Force ‘C-17 transport aircraft that landed at Rzesz√≥w-Jasionka Airport in southeastern Poland on February 8, 2022. The aircraft arrived in Poland with the aim of strengthening NATO’s eastern division. The United States is sending 1,700 personnel and equipment from Fort Brock, North Carolina to Poland due to Russian-Ukrainian tensions. MTI / EPA-PAP / Derek Telmanovich