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Some apps are running out on the new MacBook Pro

Judging by the complaints, Mail and Final Cut Pro use up memory for dinner.

Owners of the new MacBook Pro chipset M1 Pro and M1 Max encountered an annoying error, including the factory email application and Final Cut Pro video editor, which after a while began to consume orbital amounts of memory. Because of this, macOS displays an out of memory error message and prompts the user to shoot unused programs from the list that appears.

In addition to the names of the applications, how much memory they use is also displayed in the list, which makes it very easy to identify programs that allocate an insane amount of physical and virtual memory. Previously, shared screenshots showed scenes that Mail uses 56 GB of memory, or Final Cut Pro uses 24 GB, although the latter may still be understandable in terms of the nature of the program.

Of course, when malicious apps get fired, all unsaved information is lost, so we hope that Apple can fix the memory leak problems as soon as possible.

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