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Soon (almost) everything will be outdated in stores

It is expected that soon, perhaps in a few days – for the 5.5 million people who have been vaccinated – the mandatory wearing of masks in the interior, including in stores and shopping centres, will be abolished. Presumably the sellers had a hard time, because – with the exception of a few breaks – they had to work at it all day, writes. Trade Blog. It is also assumed that alleviating the frequent labor shortage these days has been helped by the fact that it will soon be possible to work in stores without a mask.

The limitation on the number of customers based on square meters will certainly be removed. This may be due not only to the improvement of the epidemiological situation, but also to the fact that after the early lifting of restrictions on working hours, purchases are well distributed and there is no need for this anymore. Strange as it may sound, it causes some crowding in front of the entrance in small shops, but it rarely happens in them.

Hand sanitizers are also expected to be gone, with very little used anyway. It is recommended to use most of the special tap products for washing tap water, which the customer sometimes feels so often that they are sometimes attributed to them.

There is even a mandatory distance, but not many shoppers went to buy with a tape measure in their hands, and in most stores it was still possible to maintain a distance of one and a half meters, but it was already difficult to cross between them two shelves.

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After stores are forcibly closed, shoppers are slowly returning to traditional stores, and the caution is understandable. So far, ads directed to customers have been shown after the store owner, who already had the money, reopened. The discount also costs the store owner money, which is strange because it may give up a portion of the revenue.

The summer fair would have already kicked off in the first half of July earlier, if not in such a massive flood as online stores Black Friday in November. In April, May, the reopenings pushed the commercials, they needed a lot.

If you don’t need the mask anymore – which isn’t a great buying experience – and another wave of promotions is coming anyway, summer fairs are expected to start in early July, which could help reduce losses so far.