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Soon we will only be able to travel to the UK with a passport – Debrecen news, Debrecen news | Debrecen and Hadi Bihar provinces news

Soon we will only be able to travel to the UK with a passport

Debrecen – Wizz Air would like to draw the attention of its passengers to the fact that from 1 October, EU ID cards will not be accepted at the UK borders.

From 1 October, all EU citizens traveling to the UK will need a passport to cross the border. An exception is made for EU nationals who are incorporated or previously established in the UK, who will be able to use their ID cards for entry until 2025.

Passengers without the necessary entry documents will not be allowed to board flights to the UK.

Wizz Air will operate several flights per week from Debrecen to London. The airline recommends those wishing to travel to ensure that travel documents that are expired or about to expire (less than 6 months old) are checked and renewed, if necessary.

The health of Wizz Air’s passengers and crew remains of paramount importance, so although many countries have already relaxed masking rules, the airline still requires that a mask be worn to cover the nose and mouth throughout the flight.

Flight tickets a Location and airline On your mobile app Reservations can be made through. The WIZZ FLEX And service can remain an essential guarantee of travel. The service can be used by passengers at the time of booking, so in the event of an unexpected event or a request for a time or route change, they will have the opportunity to reorganize their booking for another Wizz Air flight. This not only guarantees the trip, but also does not surprise the passengers during the planning period.

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