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South Korea conducted a historic missile test

South Korea’s presidential office said Head of State Moon Jae-in was also observing the missile test conducted on a home-made submarine. According to the announcement, the missile traveled the planned distance and hit the exact target.

He holds a senior position in the Communist Workers’ Party of Korea, which rules North Korea Kim Jo Jong, North Korea’s sister to Kim Jong Un, criticizes Moon’s participation in the missile test He immediately noted that the development of South Korea’s missile capability could deter North Korea from provocation.

If the president joins the slander against the other party, it will inevitably lead to retaliation, which will lead to the complete cessation of relations between North and South Korea.

The sister of the North Korean leader said.

According to a statement issued by the Presidential Office of South Korea, the SLBM has a great deterrent power to threats from all directions simultaneously, and is expected to play a major role in South Korea’s self-defense and peacebuilding on the Korean Peninsula.

Thus, South Korea became the seventh country of its kind After the United States, Russia, China, Great Britain, France and India, which has its own high value SLBM missile. North Korea also claims to have developed a submarine-launched ballistic missile itself, but South Korean security officials say Pyongyang carried out its successful attempt only from a floating platform, not an actual submarine.

A few hours ago, the Joint Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of South Korea said It was noted that North Korea launched two more ballistic missiles from the country’s east coast. The Japanese Coast Guard confirmed the news, adding that the projectiles did not reach Japanese territorial waters. North Korea reported through its news agency, the Korean Central News Agency, on Monday that it had successfully tested long-range maneuvering robotic aircraft over the weekend.

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Chinese Foreign Minister Fang Jie met with South Korean Foreign Minister Chung Jue-jung in Seoul on Wednesday. after discussion Fang told reporters that Pyongyang’s recent missile tests are military activities that other countries also conduct on a regular basis.

The Chinese president stressed: We should increase joint efforts to renew dialogue with North Korea.

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