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Spacecraft Landed Successfully – Video!

For the first time, SpaceX, a US-based private space research company, designed the Starship experimental spacecraft to travel to Mars and the Moon, whose models have always exploded in the previous four experiments.

A prototype spacecraft SN15 was launched from a launch pad near Boca Chica, Texas on the Gulf Coast. The spacecraft ascended to an altitude of about ten kilometers in a few minutes, then descended in a horizontal position and landed vertically before reaching Earth at the landing site near the take-off site.

The experience was streamed live on YouTube video sharing. The image showed flames exploding from the bottom of the fifty-meter-high spaceship after its landing, but it was quickly extinguished.

This was the Starship’s fifth test flight in half a year. On three of the previous four occasions, the spacecraft detonated upon landing or landed in an attempt in early March, then blew up on it for eight minutes.

The final height of SpaceX’s recyclable spacecraft, originally designed for a trip to Mars, along with the first super-heavy accelerator, will be one hundred twenty meters and nine meters in diameter. It would be able to transport people and hundreds of tons of cargo to Mars.

SpaceX founder and owner Elon Musk said earlier that the spacecraft’s first test flight around Earth was likely to take place later this year, but he did not rule out a review of the plans.

In mid-April, NASA commissioned Elon Musk, a space company, to develop the first commercial unit based on the Moon. The spacecraft will take two astronauts to the celestial body. At least one of them would be a woman. They will search for the surface of the moon for about a week before returning to Earth.

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There was no human being on the moon for nearly fifty years. Between 1969 and 1972, twelve American astronauts landed on the surface of the celestial body.