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SpaceX astronauts harvested chili peppers and then returned to Earth

The SpaceX astronauts returned from the International Space Station at dawn today – the team was the third crew to fly into space with the company’s rockets for an extended period of time, and it looks like they could have brought home a number of really useful research materials.

The spacecraft landed in the Gulf of Mexico, near Florida, all but one of the three NASA astronauts were Americans, and 61-year-old Tom Mashburn managed to escape from Earth’s atmosphere for the third time.

Among other things, the team studied the flash point of many gases in the center of gravity, and there was also an example of the behavior of cotton cells – and of course bacteria present due to environmental influences. Robots have also been tested and are slowly becoming an indispensable thing during missions The astronauts also harvested locally grown hot peppers grown on the space stationfrom which they were brought home.

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