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Spanish Grand Prix: Video of Verstappen and Russell’s parade battle

The Catalan race brought many stunning scenes, the most exciting of which was the fight between Max Verstappen and George Russell.

With a slight exaggeration, more has happened at this year’s Spanish Grand Prix than in the past five years. In general, overtaking on a Catalan asphalt plane is very difficult, which is why the track has received a lot of criticism over the years.

Thanks to the new rules, this also changed, and something unexpected happened all the time. We weren’t even expecting Verstappen and Russell to have such a fight with each other, but we’re glad we didn’t get bored.

Russell can still beat Hamilton, he’s been convincing enough this weekend, whether they’re not fighting for the world title or not, because they’re way too late, and just not at the table.

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However, with Verstappen having issues with the DRS, we could see a close fight between him and Russell. The young British Mercedes driver tried to seize the opportunity and did not give up.

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