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Spar warns of outrageous abuse

Spar Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft. Community side Draws attention to the fact that unknown people advertise sweepstakes on Facebook and Instagram by misusing the name of the store chain.

They have learned that Unknown people on their behalf abuse their profile or brand on Facebook and Instagram, with bewildering looks, appearing to be winning a prize game or prize game, and requesting personal information through a fake phishing profile.

It draws the attention of their customers and lottery participants to

  • SPAR does not require further registration to receive the award,
  • Do not run an English registration page,
  • Never ask for users’ bank account numbers during sweepstakes.
  • Do not undertake to deliver any gifts / rewards beyond the stated prize of the current sweepstakes contest.
  • The conditions for participating in the lottery never included the user following Spar’s Facebook or Instagram profile,
  • In addition, the end of prize draws is not marked by a countdown timer.

They require their customers to always be aware of current corporate sweepstakes contests on and on the official Facebook or Instagram page in Spar Hungary, and pay extra attention to the security of their data.

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