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SpeedZone: Car Air Conditioning Tricks

You start the engine, press the magic button (even if it’s not installed in your car at this time), and if your car is at least moderately maintained, the flow of cold air will momentarily drop you. Forty degrees, especially in steam, many have no greater grace than a car air conditioner. Then few of them got tired if they didn’t care.

There are a few ground rules to keep in mind when blowing yourself up with a cooler piece on the outside. When you get into a hot car, spin all the windows first because they turn off much faster or fifteen degrees warmer than if you entrusted the job of fast cooling to a bad air conditioning system. In the meantime, of course, you can turn on the air conditioner to collect yourself, but believe me for the first half a minute, an open window is much more efficient, especially if the car is moving, and then work on your technical money.

Although the cooling breeze is fine at higher temperatures, care must be taken with the temperature difference.

It’s hard to accept, but doctors say you shouldn’t spot a difference of more than seven degrees between the outside and inside temperature. Of course, this is unrealistic, because in many cars, if you are outside forty degrees, and following the rule, you turn the console to 33 degrees inward (even if your air conditioner is temperature controlled, not the simple kind), because of many A technical anomaly, even the system starts to heat up, but if you don’t, it won’t give you that much cold either. One can’t be conservative in such matters, but be careful not to wrap things in “LO”, “17” and “MIN” (or “MAX AC” in some positions), because the huge difference in temperature puts a strain on the body , and back, down to the risk of a heart attack. If the asphalt melts on the outside, you are satisfied with the inside by 25-28 degrees on the plate, and it does not go down to 22.

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Never point the grille directly at yourself. On most cars, it is a good idea to place the handlebars facing each other, inward, and outward toward the shoulder window. Believe me, the point will probably be slower, but it will still cool the cabin, and it will make it smoother. And by the way, maybe the rear passengers feel a little calm, and attention is not the last thing either. Sure, there are cars with three or four-zone air conditioners, but not many, as most front seats get the most spring breeze. The bottom line: Shoulders, elbows, and hands are never permanently positioned, because the unsightly joint problem that air conditioning may cause that has persisted for years is hard to collect elsewhere.

It is not in vain to adjust the grille, and do not blow air directly on yourself!

It is not in vain to adjust the grille, and do not blow air directly on yourself!

It is a good idea to press the “RECIRC” button (if it is represented by a diagram, it is like a return arrow, it just falls), because then the indoor air, which becomes cooler over time, will be sucked in, and cooled further, so the unit will cool Faster. cabin. On the other hand, if you need to breathe air from outside (turn off “RECIRC”), always try to cool the flow of hot air, making it hopeless. And when accelerating and overtaking, you don’t have to turn off the air conditioner – cars with a small and weak engine will always shut off around the floor gas, don’t worry. The rest can handle it, and you won’t even notice the climate stealing some horsepower.

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If you still want to improve conditions afterward, find the menu or switch that specifies the direction of the blower and choose not only to blow to the face, but to the “foot and windshield” direction. Yes, now you are slowing down the cooling again, but not too much, but it helps a lot with the evenness of temperature. You’ll be better this way, you’ll see.

If you get somewhere with your car but you’re still in one place because you’re on the phone, five Messengers have arrived, or you need to watch the weather, turn off the engine, get out of the car and shut down, and then carry on with your work in the store, in the office or in the hallway of the house Heading to it and where the weather is great too. The running engine continues to heat up this already unfortunate warm earth, and also emits toxic gases.

Modern climates can indeed be mapped in several ways.  Take advantage of opportunities to achieve the effect that suits you best.

Modern climates can indeed be mapped in several ways. Take advantage of opportunities to achieve the effect that suits you best.

A final word: Don’t just turn the air conditioner on in the summer in the high temperatures, but—it sounds weird—but at least every two to three weeks during the cooler periods, all year round. This is because not only gas but also some lubricating oil circulates in the air conditioning system tubes, and if it doesn’t go around from time to time, it rusts from the inside and clogs the system, which is why some people go to air conditioning service more often. If it rains in November—or even snows in February—the air conditioner can remove moisture from windows more effectively, you see. With that, you can do maintenance for 2 weeks after that.

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And most importantly, clean the air filter every year in a specialized workshop, because fungi and bacteria that easily grow in the cool, damp corners of the air conditioning system can cause asthma and other serious respiratory diseases quite easily. Air conditioner is your friend – but it requires at least a little care.