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Splitgate works great on PlayStation

Splitgate’s beta testing exploded last summer, and the unexpected success forced developers to delay the release of the final version, with incoming fan feedback taking longer to complete and tune in.

Enthusiasm for the game has not waned since then, and Ian Proulx, CEO of 1047 Games, developer of Splitgate, appears to have received support from an unexpected site in an interview with The Loadout magazine. betrayalThe user base of the PlayStation version of the game has skyrocketed since the release of Halo Infinite. Proulx says the stats clearly show that the success of a shooter on a similar arena with a larger fan base helps with the popularity of other games rather than cannibalizing the user base.

That’s why the CEO said he’s very happy with the launch of Halo Infinite, as he believes Splitgate and 343 Industries Shooting will help each other out in the future. Proulx says there’s a lot of noise now due to the large number of battle royale games, so there will be plenty of players making their way back into the ring.

Of course, 1047 Games doesn’t want players to call the Split Portal a Field Portal and Halo tap, so one of their central tasks in 2022 will be to visually differentiate their game from the competition.

If all goes well, Splitgate will also be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S this year.

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