It goes unnoticed that Albanian fans had to break the World Cup qualifier due to their misfortune, and we Hungarians could be worried we won’t get another closed penalty kick after the London scandal.

The organization announced that the International Football Association (FIFA) is investigating the disturbances of the English-Hungarian and Albanian-Polish World Cup qualifiers.

At Wembley Stadium shortly after the start A brawl broke out in the guest sector between fans and the police. According to a police statement, a “minor disturbance” erupted when men of authority infiltrated the sector to produce a drunk who reprimanded a manager with racist signs. The request was restored within a short time.

And a more serious incident occurred in the face of Tirana, as well as in the first set, where the match was stopped for about a quarter of an hour. The Albanian fans were furious when the Poles took the lead in the 77th minute and threw the players away with bottles, stopping the match for a long time.

Hungarians in September FIFA bans two closed matches for the goalkeeper Because of the fans’ racist manifestations against the English, but half the penalty was suspended, only the match against the Albanians was a closed goalkeeper. Even in the event of a guilty verdict, the sentence of the second meeting can easily take effect.

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Hungarian national team on Tuesday evening Play 1-1 in England, but since he has been knocked out of Albania twice before, we don’t go much in the current feat, There was only a very slim theoretical chance of obtaining an alternative qualification.

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