The stakes in the match were no less than staying in the race for the world championships, however, a Russian team from Albania also scored a goal at home.

Even though the match was announced as a closed goal, it did so There can be 350 people In the football match on Saturday because Albania got 200 honors in the match. In addition to the empty stands of the Puskás Arena, which are lit in the national colors, only the stadium staff, the media, the ball collectors, the technical staff and the medical staff designated for the match can attend.

End of September, the International Football Association (FIFA) Closed goalkeeper match Punishment of Hungary for its racist manifestations in the September 2 match against England. In addition, MLSZ was ordered to pay two thousand Swiss francs.

Recently, on September 5, Marco Rossi’s team entered the field against Albania in the fifth round of Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Then the Albanian national team for the first time in history won 1-0 against the Hungarian national team. And striker Adam Szalay played without the national team at the time.

Willy Orban, Hungarian and Sokol Sekalci, Albanian footballer


Hungarian national team injury in the tenth minute: Andrei Botka made a bad move, but Ferencvaros’ player managed to continue the match. So far, the Albanians have reached a firing position.

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By the way, in our group, meanwhile, the Poles advanced against San Marino.

In the 13th minute, the referee awarded a free kick to the Hungarian team.

In the 21st minute, Dominic Zuboszlai kicked the first corner but hit the referee.

At the end of the first half the score is 0: 0, extended by 3 minutes.

Botka Endre received a yellow card in the 2nd minute for unsportsmanlike behaviour, and Albania Cekici received a yellow card in the 31st minute for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Halfway against Andorra, England and Poland also lead by two goals against San Marino in the other two games of the group.

In the 59th minute, the Hungarian team changed players: Daniel Saloy came down and was replaced by Zabolx Schön.

Albanian Gasola received a yellow card in the 60th minute.

Ozoni of Ferencvaros missed the second huge stand in the meantime in the 66th minute, then went off the field, and Gasola also missed a few minutes later.

Albanian national team player Vesely received a yellow card in the 69th minute.

Subsequently, the Hungarian national team substituted two players: Vécsei substituted Roland Sallai and László Kleinheisler Ádám Bálint Nagy in the 71st minute.

Then Atila Szalay scored a goal in the 74th minute after Szoboszlai’s free kick.

Kedi Barry, Albania, Attila Szalay (left) and Andriy Potka, Hungarian national team players


In the 80th minute, Albania advanced with a goal from Bruges. He also scored the team’s goal during the last match away from home Albanian-Hungary.

Kleinheisler received a yellow card two minutes before the end of the match, but the Albanians complained about the red.

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Even after 5 minutes of extra time, the Hungarian national team failed to equalize, so they were knocked out 1-0 by the Albanians in Budapest.

Next time in 3 days, the Hungarian team will play against England at Wembley.

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There can be 350 spectators for the goalkeeper's World Cup qualification at the Puskás Arena


Albania got 200 honors in Saturday’s match.

FIFA sanctioned the Hungarian national team for a closed goalkeeper match

MTI / hvg.husports

Another closed goalkeeper match was suspended by FIFA for two years. In addition, a fine of 65 million HUF must be paid.