Jonathan Vadnay may have been in contact with the coronavirus.

Tokyo 2020

At an unusual time and under circumstances, xxxii. Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Who would be best able to adapt to an unprecedented situation? How is the Hungarian delegation represented? In our article series, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Tokyo Olympics.

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On Wednesday, the Secretary-General of the Hungarian Sailing Association Jonathan Vadnay, who traveled to Tokyo to help his brother Benjamin Vadnay, who started at the Laser Standard, has been separated from the Olympic team. András Holczhauser said Vadnay likely came into contact with the coronavirus during his trip.

The wild animals have been moved to a separate room and will also be taken to the port separately, Holchhauser said. Jonathan Fadnay has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, and a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test on Tuesday showed a negative result.

He is participating in Benjamin Vadnay’s second Olympic Games after winning the national team against his brother-in-law in the World and European Championships. The Laser Standard class races begin on Monday.

(Our featured photo shows Benjamin Fadnay.)

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There was a quick rumor in the world press about measures being taken to rein in the athletes. But none of it is true.

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