The captain of the Fed estimated that the Hungarian national team did not play with the Italian national team in the first half, and they managed to settle the ranks in the second half.

Fifa captain Marco Rossi is proud of the Hungarian national football team despite the fact that He came out by knockout 2-1 . As a guest of the European champion Italy in the second round of the League of Nations.

“In the first half we couldn’t do what we planned. The three days between the two games were few because we could hardly work that way. We didn’t have a central game for the Italians, we wanted to slow them down in midfield and force them to move to the wings, but it didn’t really work out. “We arranged the ranks for the second half, and then moved well,” he said of the meeting, but added that this defeat could be appropriate.

“We need to know where we are, we cannot expect to beat the European champions after defeating England. There should not be too much pressure on the team, and this is also true for the next match against the Germans,” he said.

“I really wanted to do well in my country. I feel it worked, so thanks to the players, even if not everyone has played the match of their lives,” said Rossi, who reiterated his statement before the match that they could only have the opportunity to score through a perfect match.

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The specialist explained that, unlike the goalkeeper, he sent the same basic team to the field as it was last Saturday, as there was no problem in his physical condition, as was proven by the performance of the second half. He noted that there is also a difference in quality between starters and exchanges.

The Italian captain was handed over to Roberto Mancini, who often relies on his speed, and had a rotting day on wet grass. According to him, Giacomo Raspadori and Nicolo Parilla gave a great performance.

“This national team can still improve a lot. There is a lot in it, and although along the way, it has started on a good path. Young people are a new force, but they don’t feel like a team yet,” he said. Regarding the beautification of the Hungarians, he spoke of the fact that he was angry not because of his own goal, but because of the loss of the ball in the middle, because it could have been avoided. He had thought that it overpowered his players a bit because there was some fear in them that the opponent would not equalize.


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Italy-Hungary in the League of Nations: 2:1


Hungary was eliminated by the European national team from Italy in a ratio of 2: 1. Hungary is third in the League of Nations group, one point ahead of England, ahead of the Germans and the Italians.