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Sports Radio: Yesterday was really bad – Andras Schaeffer

As we reported, András Schäfer was recently diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. SportRadio, on Wednesday evening, arrived at the football team of the Hungarian national team Union Berlin, who described his condition as follows.

Andras Schaeffer ordered the rest (Photo: Karoly Orvay)

“I have a stronger cold, but I fell, my sense of taste and smell did not disappear, I do not even see a sign of his departure. Yesterday was very bad, but today I can say that if I am not well at all, my condition is not serious ”- He told Sports Radio Andras Schaeffer, He added: The quarantine awaits him for a week, and if his test scheduled for the sixth day is negative, he can start training on the seventh day.

“The first few days really need a rest because this infection can be serious. They already know what I’m at the club, so I’ve been chained in my spirit not to try to strengthen me, and to move around the house, because I have to watch very carefully for everything in this disease. Then If I have no symptoms on the third or fourth day, they will bring me an exercise bike and I can do the single exercise.”

Schaefer is very hopeful that he will forget about the national team matches in early June, especially because, according to the optimistic scenario, he will be able to play in the league match against Freiburg next Saturday.

Between June 4 and 14, the Hungarian national team will play four matches in the League of Nations: twice with England, once with Italy and Germany – which continued in September.

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