According to the former sports reporter, there was a feeling that the three-time Olympic champion was not ready for the pentathlon.

Not Long Katinka Olympics in Tokyo, three-time champion 400 mixed women Fifth 200 mixed and finished in seventh place, and Retreat Also from the two finalists.

The Hungarian swimmer’s performance was also appreciated by Tamas Vitry, the legendary sports commentator on Spirit FM. He saidHe believes that Long Katinka has put himself in an unworthy position and put him in an unworthy position by his leaders.

Vitry, who said that the Iron Lady did not destroy his achievements nor exist. That the leaders of the floating sports had no idea what was wrong, Vitry himself felt that something was wrong.

He must not be ready. He must have known. Definitely. I swear he knows he’s not going. You cannot ignore it. This is not a sport. With hours of measured performance, a stopwatch that tells you exactly when to die. He is not a leader who encourages, encourages and covers up. What were you attracted to? What were they allowed to do? “

Vitry said.

After the 2020 Summer Olympics, Vitry highlights the chances of 13 Hungarian medalists, as he believes the level is terribly high this year.

Fides' little grandmother accompanies Long Katinka while sharing it on Facebook

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From Viktor Orban to Members of Parliament, many people have spoken out and expressed their support for the worst-than-expected Hungarian Olympic in Tokyo. Spoiler: Communism is also not to be missed!

"In the end, Mike Tyson was fired too" - What happened to Long Katinka in Tokyo?

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Looking for himself, the three-time Olympic champion in Tokyo, where he came out as a defending champion with two main numbers, had no chance of having a say in the fight for medals. According to the swimmers’ federal captain, “Unfortunately, the streak of successes that marked him is over.”