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Stadia gives a 3-month subscription

With this said, they are trying to promote the platform, but the offer comes with serious limitations.

Regarding Google’s game streaming platform, we also constantly report on developments, for example in recent months we wrote that the service was finally available in Hungary, and soon after we announced that Xbox consoles have now been added to the list of supported devices. Now they are trying to make the platform more popular with an interesting offering, which is still in short supply.

the official page In an ad posted, we read that we can get a 3-month subscription to one app, absolutely free, as long as we use YouTube Premium. So Google connects its two existing platforms, I would like to draw the attention of part of the current user camp to the new offer, which has not yet changed the world, since its offer seems rather rare compared to similar solutions of competitors. Stadia Pro subscribers, for example, only get 28 games this way, including names like Everspace, Hitman, Little Nightmares II, MotoGP 20, Terraria, and Trine 4, but those who buy each game, don’t need a monthly subscription.

Interesting show Also available in HungaryThe company shall attach a detailed explanation to the notification. Hereby, YouTube Premium subscribers can file a claim and then start the 3-month free period, but after that, they will be charged the standard monthly fee, which is currently $10 in the US. Interestingly, those who previously subscribed to the premium service called Stadia Pro will no longer be able to take advantage of the new offer, so this is primarily for newly connected users, the goal obviously being to expand the camp.

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The offer itself is valid until January 31, after which we can start a 3-month period until February 14 at the latest – which requires YouTube Premium as described above.