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Standard Jackpot! – Hearthstone shit

a description

Random Assortment vs. Random Assortment. : Dr

But thanks to the random factor, my opponent was the better player! right?

But sometimes it can be lucky.

Just as I would have been able to play Pirate Admiral HochtoskBy that time, the pirate admiral had smoked. : Dr

I hate this kind of the magician Deck, you basically don’t have to do anything, just survive and then you can sit back.


Today is an interesting thing a fraud I have brought you a bunch that is ineffective or effective, but it can be very interesting on our part. While it might be very annoying to our opponents, due to the random factor that quite a few cards in this list represent. However, not only does the deck benefit from stealing your opponent’s cards, but there are other alternatives, although the main focus will remain on randomly generated cards.

Tess Germain Depending on these pages, a poor mythical page can be useful or simple. The scale is pretty wide, but that’s exactly why I like this paper.

Although the main strength of the deck is the cards from other sects, it alone wouldn’t be enough to win him over with confidence. That is why, in addition to random generation cards, they have been replaced by pirates Pirate Admiral Hochtosk-AL.

Our pirate admiral can only joke about our opponent, he can even win us a match. I won’t expand on this, everyone will test it out for themselves and then you’ll see what it’s all about. 🙂

Large sea monsters are also included in the list KrabatwaAnd the Ozomat. In the former, we mainly want to introduce the giant crab scissors to the opponent’s face, while we want to use the latter, clearly to clean the table.

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Ozomat– Unfortunately it’s tricky in standard, or I’d rather say hard to use. But the Reds got a new elemental creature, Shuttershamblerwhich came with the recently released min set, which is basically that OzomatIt was invented straightforward, but that’s just hypothetical.

And while it’s a good deck, it’s still challenging, and there are times when you can get a better table clean out of random cards, which Tess Germain You can bake again if you need to. On the other hand, almost the entire group is like a hacking sentence or story embodied in one group,

It’s all here, pirates, treasures, giant sea monsters, and more. But I wandered again, and come back Ozomat + Shuttershambler combo, it’s actually optional, and anyone who doesn’t have a single card can safely skip the thing.

The Kuilfang Strait Another interesting card that also came with the small set. This can also make fun of your opponent. I thought about it because of this card in the deck, I play this card Bronzebird BranBut I finally dropped the thing, despite the fact that there are other useful combat creatures on the deck. But who does not have Ozomat To those I can recommend Bronzebird BranAnd even risk making the group more effective. : Dr

I won’t go through the pages separately now Tess GermainAnd the Pirate Admiral HochtoskListen to. For the latter, you have to make sure you play at least the eight pirates before the admiral escapes! Otherwise, your ability will not be active.

Tess GermainAnd be sure, if we say, that you did one lower torsionTo play in front of him and suppose we have a respectable and/or threatening table, then Tess GermainNot worth dealing with at that time because a lower torsionWe will catch the larvae again and then we will get the advantage of the board.

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So it’s worth keeping in mind the lines we played from other denominations during that match. It’s also worth paying attention to hand size, as it’s easy for our random generation cards to land in their hands with high mana costs. This makes it difficult to rotate the deck, which wouldn’t be a problem with a relatively large number of cards.

Blackwater CutlassIt is also worth mixing it back into the deck as many times as possible, because in addition to a card tray or a changer, anyone can like it to make spell cards from other classes even cheaper! but the Prepare They are also perfect for this purpose, in fact! 🙂

And by the end of the presentation on the deck, as you can see in the pictures, it’s not an efficient deck, so I can really only recommend it to those who buy this type of entertainment, and just about everyone else is rated on this list.

By default, I don’t like such randomly generated bullshit, not to build a deck for this, but somehow a fraud The sect was dissolved for fun, unlike one a priestWhere dealing with our own cards can be annoying, the likes of it did nothing.

It’s on this list too, and it can be annoying when we’re back on the bleeding edge. However, I think the difference between the two layers is aa a priest In addition to his ability to generate cards from his opponent, he has enough control to be able to solve almost any situation. Maybe the deck is mixed up or burned, maybe the mill strategies don’t really know what to do.

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a fraud, on the other hand, does not have, and has never had, sufficient controls to handle any situation. basically a priest With healing tools and board control, you can better enjoy the benefits of random cards, while a fraudTime always passes because it doesn’t have the tools to build a good squad that requires a slower strategy.

At least I have something like that in my opinion.

I won’t even spread the word that this group has intrigued, try it and enjoy!