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Star Wars: The Old Republic – The Legacy of the Sith will also recede next year

We can already write about this in Star Wars: The Old Republic – Legacy of the Sith that the 2021 release will not be kept by BioWare. Project leader Keith Kanig is the game website He wrote that the addition of Legacy of the Sith has been pushed back to February (is everyone filling this month again?). According to him, many readers expect the barrel to appear as it does. He thoroughly enjoyed exploring the depths of Manan, testing the new story, and combining abilities and fighting styles while doing the in-game tests.

Legacy of the Sith is something the team has been working on for a long time, but as they got closer to the start, they realized they would need more time, and those two extra months would be spent on more testing because Star Wars: The Old was modified in so many areas. At Republic, they want to deliver an experience they want and believe we deserve. So they didn’t want to rush, it would be something that others could learn from.

Kanneg added that a lot of feedback was collected from players on the public test server, and he thought it was invaluable in setting up the add-on properly. Except for the historical content (because they don’t really want spoilers…) a Kig Much of it, as well as the features, will be returning to this server over the course of the week so that subscribers can continue to get another experience here.

Then in the end, let us ask a question that can be considered poetic: What else will be put off? There will certainly be something that looks bigger, but there’s probably nothing left that’s timed for the end of 2021 that wouldn’t have been carried over into next year (eg Dying Light 2: Stay Human).

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source: WCCFTech