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Star Wars The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates its 10th birthday in December, and Team BioWare have put out several specials to celebrate this. First, Legacy of the Sith DLC is released, and at the same time an update is being released to make the combat system more comfortable. Specifically, after upgrading, we can choose our special combat skills from the first level, depending on the classes. Now, this option only unlocks after you reach level 10, but that will change soon. Both the DLC and the update will be released on December 14th.

The Legacy of the Sith on the Planet Manan Instructs we. The planet is of great strategic importance as it is completely covered in water. This time we make our way to Manaan to discover what Darth Malgus is up to as we stumble upon familiar faces like Tau Idair, Arn Peralun, Major Anri, Lana Beniko and Darth Rivix. The good news is that Flashpoint’s game mode is being expanded with a new location. From December onwards, we can fight our own battle on the planet Elom, where the fearsome Sith sect leads a research base.

You see, we’re looking forward to exciting content from December, but the festive atmosphere is also enhanced by BioWare capturing classic previews of The Old Republic and revamping it in 4K. You can watch the videos below. BioWare announced the upcoming content for the game in a live broadcast, where Enuka Okoma, speaking for Tau Idair, was also interviewed. The developers of BioWare are also detailing the other characters in the DLC, so it’s worth taking a look at the streams you find at the bottom of the article below the revamped videos. The first video is a festive montage of the greatest moments of the past 10 years.

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