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Starting today, the free game on Xbox is truly free

Free to play, that is, programs that do not need to be paid for downloading, and even the program itself can be used for free afterward, but the exact transactions and spending of small amounts (from which the developer / publisher gets an income) – but not mandatory. On the other hand, free game consoles weren’t free yet, as you had to pay for services that enable online features, like Xbox Live Gold on Xbox or PlayStation Plus on PlayStation devices.

But this is over today,

At least on Microsoft hardware, since Redmond AdvertiseAs of today, Free to Play games do not require Xbox Live Gold membership, software in this category can now be played without paying a penny, even online.

Thanks to this step, over fifty free to play programs can be played for free on Xbox One and Xbox Seriex X. And S, including addresses such as Call of Duty: A War Zone, a It is an electronic game, Az Apex Legends, a Rocket League a the war a The path of exile, a Roblox Or just World of Tanks. Full list Click here Available.

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