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Steam Deck – Let’s Get Under the Hood!

With Valve promoting the Steam Deck as a laptop that can run any Steam game or even any other software, it’s no coincidence that the most common question from fans is whether its components are replaceable. The company’s answer to this question is: No: Steam Deck hardware was chosen directly for this build, so it wasn’t taken into account so that users could update their components as well.

However, the company released a five-minute video showing how to disassemble the device, and how to access the analog winches or SSD if we decide we’re still trying to do it ourselves. Of course, we do all this at our own risk: it’s pretty funny that the registry narrative is mostly about the financial and health risks it could pose if we started taking out the device.

The first copies of Steam Deck will begin shipping to pre-orders in December, and the base 64GB device will cost $400, but it will also be available in 256 and 512GB variants — hurting $530 and $650, respectively.

If you can’t stand the pressure of installation, click here and see hogyan fut a The Witcher III a Steam Decken!

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