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Steam has already crossed the 10 million Elden Arena

At the moment, we can only speculate on where Elden Ring’s overall sales might go, but we can be pretty sure Hidetaka Miyazaki’s newest console killer will garner a lot not only among critics but also at the box office. The SteamSpy According to the data, the game has already found a home to more than 10 million players on the Valve platform, all just a week after its launch.

However, overall sales can be multiples of that, as the game has a strong fan base on both Xbox and PlayStation. Moreover, it is quite certain that real computer data outweighs tens of millions of magic data, as SteamSpy only collects data based on public Steam datasheets, which means that Elden Ring players with a hidden profile do not appear in the summary above.

By the way, Elden Ring far outperformed the previous titles from FromSoftware, not only with first-week sales, but also with active players. The SteamDB According to its data, 891,638 users have ran in the lands between prime time so far, but at the time of writing, the extreme action game has more than 834,000 players running.

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