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Stenotics crosses cheese in mental health

Japan’s Grand Slam champion Osaka Naomi Mintelis will not be participating in the press at the French Nilet tennis tournament on Sunday.

According to the rules, players should have cheese at their disposal after every sign, and according to Osaka, this places an unnecessary burden on them spiritually.

Ranked second in the world rankings – the world’s best-paid athlete – he risks a $ 20,000 fine, but hopes brsgot will be turned into a profitable group and mental health organization.

Osaka Naomi will never go to cheesecakeForers: AFP / Kenzo Trebuillard

Osaka said on Twitter that he will not be staging a single cheese show under Roland Garros. He added that he often felt that they did not take into account the mental health of the athletes, and this also applies to media conferences. The Japanese candidate indicated that they often find that the same question has been asked more than once in the past, or that they encounter unregistered registrations. He pointed, turning away, that after the defeat, a rider collapsed.

The winner of the US Open 2018 and 2020 and Australian Open 2019 and this year said he was not personally interested in the French championship. However, if the organizers continue to follow the principle of “stay cheesy, we will be punished in other ways” and ignore the athlete’s mental health, he can’t help but laugh at it.

Osaka College’s 23rd – which did not start winning the award last year due to coronary artery disease – did not reach the third round of Roland Garros.

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