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Stephen Hawking Archive created

Professor Stephen Hawking became world famous, not only for his revolutionary research but also for his science promotion activities, he was not only a scientist but also a cultural icon, the entire material of his work, his books, his studies, thousands of pages of texts of his educational writings, pictures of the world – including his shared pictures With so many celebrities – she is Cambridge University His library, audio recordings and films of him and her, inked letters, and some personal items such as his private wheelchair are preserved in the Science Museum in London.

An archive similar to the work of Newton and Darwin was kept in Cambridge, so Hawking has now joined the previous scholars. Hawking’s ashes were also placed between these two worlds for eternal rest in Westminster Abbey. As he himself said, “Every generation is on the shoulders of before him”, now he too can be one of those on whose shoulders the future of mankind can be built.

Graffiti on a wall in Cambridge, Hawking’s work on black holes, and his famous saying, “Be curious!” Quotes.

Source: University of Cambridge

The Cambridge University Library already contains the works of many prominent scholars, for example the Archives of Maxwell or Rutherford, or even the first royal astronomer, John Flamsteed, is also preserved here. To provide funding for the indexing and digitization of Hawking’s archive, the library created an institution with the goal of accessing the intellectual heritage of the world-famous world as widely as possible. As he himself said, “Every person in the world should have free, unimpeded access not only to my research, but also to the work of all inquisitive and great minds, across the entire spectrum of the human mind.. “

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The three sons of the world thanked the creation of the archive in a joint statement, and stressed that this would allow future generations to continue their work.