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Steve Wozniak backs the right to fix

The director noted that once Apple was also an open company.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple a videoüzenetében He explained that he supports the introduction of a repair right in the United States which will allow users to repair or extend their various devices in certain cases. The manager emphasized that he has always been completely in solidarity with the idea and believes that the people behind the idea are doing the right thing.

Signing up, Wozniak answered activist Louis Rossman’s question. Co-founder of Apple revived His experience as a young engineer and the fact that open source technology played a major role in his ability to develop as an engineer. The director added that there would be no Apple today if they had not grown up in the very open world of technology.

Wozniak noted that self-repair is the core motivation and the tech people’s joy at how to make good software and develop hardware. This thing is very motivating for creative people. He also grew up that way, and the fact that he had the opportunity to fix some hardware allowed him to modify the antenna input of the TV so that he could show the world the future of the PC, a TV with a keyboard. .

The specialist cited the Apple II as an example, which shipped to customers along with building plans. The product was fully adjustable and expandable, and it was their only source of profit for the first 10 years. At that time, there were a number of things that were very open so that anyone could participate in the developments.

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In the video, an Apple co-founder also shared his views on why no one can fix today’s electrical products at home anymore. He believed that the manufacturers deliberately prevented this because they had to have the power and control over everything. However, it is time to finally change that and do the right things.

The California giant indicated in June 2017 that it would open to service stations that would have received special machines to repair broken iPhone screens, for example. Contracts leaked last February reveal the conditions under which independent repairers must operate. It is difficult to meet the requirements, especially for small businesses.