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Store opening: Aldi has not yet had a similar store in Hungary

Aldi Hungary opened its first store in Eger, at Mátyás király út 138. The company began renovating the property in the fall of 2021, during which the entire building’s mechanical engineering and electrical grid were renovated, and energy-efficient LED light sources were installed. Arrivals by car will have more parking, a total of 145 places, than in other stores, and there will also be a charging station for electric cars – read the statement of the chain.

The sale area of ​​​​1450 square meters is designed according to the latest Aldi interior design. The fruit and vegetable counter is now located at the entrance, so customers who enter the store can choose from around 120 types of vegetables and fruits, most of which come to Aldi from Hungarian sources. The spacious sales area of ​​the fruit and vegetable counter and bakery display “Azon gayeene” allows a large display surface. The show’s bakery offers 50 types of freshly baked bread, as well as sweet and savory baked goods, including many that are lactose-free and gluten-free. In modern display bakery furniture, each product is placed in a separate compartment, and each compartment has a self-closing door, and customers can choose the product with the exposed metal knobs.

Customers will find more than 40 different Kokárdás dairy and meat products in their refrigerators, which are made exclusively from Hungarian ingredients and processed locally, so their purchases and transportation also have a lower carbon footprint.

The new store is remarkable not only because of its size, but also because of its unique green solutions: Aldi uses the most modern and complex heating and cooling systems for the first time in all parts of the country. With this system, a single cooling technology solution ensures the right temperature for the sales area, social rooms and warehouse in winter and summer, as well as cargo cooling, which in winter heats the building using the waste heat from cargo cooling.

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The property’s cooling system, as well as refrigerators within the sales area, also operates with a climate-neutral refrigerant, and the building’s energy needs are supplied by 100 percent of green electricity produced in Hungary, so the opening of the new Aldi store in Eger – like the first store of the Hungarian food chain network – Can be operated in a climate-neutral manner.

The department store chain is preparing for important promotions that will only be valid in the new store during the opening period.