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Stores are following the epidemic during the pandemic

Consumer Protection inspected more than 1,500 stores in the past two weeks and had a good experience: most of them fully comply with protection rules, and where a flaw was discovered, the business addressed the problem almost immediately, Minister of Innovation and Technology of the State.

Tamas Shanda explained that a gradual restart of the country – made possible thanks to the good progress of the vaccination program – is in everyone’s interest, but basic protection measures still need to be observed.

In Hungary, vaccination is also proceeding at an impressive pace in international comparison, so the country can be restarted gradually, step by step. However, the former is still the protection of life and health, so it is important that everyone adheres to the regulations. Tamas Shanda said consumer protection officers are now checking stores’ compliance with the rules.

The Secretary of State announced to ITM that specialists have visited a total of 1,565 commercial units in the past two weeks. Peer experience is good: the vast majority of stores have already passed the tests, and followed all the rules,

Only 213 stores found problems, but 91% were corrected during or immediately after the audit

Tamas Shanda explained. The most common problem, he added, was the lack of hand sanitizer on display for customers, and this happened at 125 locations. 99 commercial units did not tell people at the entrance how many could be inside at one time. Thirteen decisions to close consumer protection measures required companies to correct errors, no fines have been imposed yet, and five measures remain pending.

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“It is also a difficult year for traders. We thank them for their standing so far, because they ensure that“ we can access whatever we want. ”Each other’s health must be preserved, we must wear a mask and we must not forget about the cleansing, the Foreign Minister explained.

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