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Strange, Deadpool’s first encounter with the MCU happened in Free Guy’s new crazy video

Ryan Reynolds has been promoting countless products and movies over the past few years, and he’s always created something to make those ads stand out. The actor also loves to joke about his past movie roles, whether it’s the first stitched-down version of Green Lantern, or how long his Free Guy has been pushed since the pandemic.

Now, however, we have the official release date, which will likely stay: We’ll receive the movie on August 12, 2021, as Reynolds forms a non-playable video game character (NPC) trying to block it. Dissatisfied game owner shuts down servers. The latter form was formed by Taika Waititi, who, thanks to Thor: Ragnarök, entered the world of Marvel Cinema, presenting herself not only as a writer and director but also as a performer. He plays Korg, the friendly gladiator made of stone, who even made it to Revenge: The End Game.

So everything added to the perfect announcement, as with the acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Deadpool is also part of the Marvel Cinema Universe, and if all goes well, he’ll get his third single, hopefully not too different in mood from the first two. . So it will be an MCU character as well.

So Reynolds dressed up as Deadpool and Waititi saw Korg (executed with CGI) and commented on the latest preview of Free Guy, which you can see in the video below (unfortunately only in English, of course):

And with that, it became the first time we could see Reynolds’ Deadpool with an MCU character. Obviously, that doesn’t mean Korg will appear in Deadpool 3, but we’re sure at least one character from the MCU will definitely thank Deadpool once the movie is over…

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