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Strict restrictions are being reimposed in Belgium

Movie theaters and theaters will be closed, with purchases allowed in pairs.

The Belgian government announced the tightening of measures on Wednesday evening, which it hopes will help limit the spread of the omicron type of coronavirus, MTI reported.

Under the regulations, cinemas, theaters and concert halls will be closed from Sunday and all indoor events with more than 200 people will be banned.

The authorities also prohibit outdoor events in the tent, with purchases of no more than a couple allowed. Stores can only allow one customer per 10 square feet at a time. The government also decided that sports matches could only be held without an audience.

Alexander From Crowe In general, the number of new infected people is decreasing, but what they know so far about the omicron variant is not very positive, the Belgian federal prime minister said at a press conference announcing the rulings.

According to experts, this version will soon become dominant in Hungary as well. One thing is for sure, we need to be more careful than ever

he added.

The Belgian prime minister drew attention to the importance of managing the third reinforcement, but also said that more government measures were needed to keep the situation under control.

In Belgium, an average of 8,299 people were infected every day last week, 36 percent less than the previous week. Hospital admissions decreased by 24 per cent, with about 207 patients referred to health facilities daily. The epidemic killed an average of 36 people a day last week.

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