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Study shows hundreds of Europeans were saved by better air during lockdown

3-year-old Veronica, who is allergic to peanuts, could die if a bag of nuts was opened next to her

The little girl was two years old when she had a severe allergic reaction, anaphylactic shock, at which time it was found that she was allergic to peanuts.

For Veronica, who is three and a half years old, even a small amount of peanuts can be deadly. The little girl was two years old when she had a severe allergic reaction, anaphylactic shock, at which time it was found that she was allergic to peanuts.

“He started squeezing his throat, he said he was scratching his throat, it started to swell a lot around his eyes, then it started swell up around his mouth as well, and halfway we noticed he was having trouble breathing.”

. said They are in focus The little girl’s mother. Parents no longer had time to wait for the ambulance, so they immediately sat in a car and were taken to the nearest ambulance station where they managed to save their lives.

“Her peanut allergy is so severe that a skin test cannot be done because she will most likely develop anaphylactic shock from a drop of the active ingredient applied to her skin.”

her mother said,

A seven-year-old boy died last week after a classmate celebrated his birthday at school by eating a cake that also contained hazelnuts. The boy got sick and started vomiting. The parents were called to the school she went to, and the mother had already taken the infant to the car in her lap. However, only 800 meters away, they had to stop at a gas station because the boy was already so bad he couldn’t breathe. Ambulances fought for the girl’s life for an hour and a half, but could no longer save her.

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After the tragedy of Augbest, Veronica’s mother decided to speak out, because they had a similar problem and wanted the disease to receive more attention.

“I was so shocked and deeply moved that I experienced this with my husband. We know what it’s like. You’re standing there and you can’t do anything like your baby is drowning. You can’t do anything because you haven’t done anything. I haven’t met him yet, you don’t know, what is And you don’t have the right tool at the first moment.”

– said the mother, who also said that a bag of hazelnuts should not be opened next to her little daughter.

“It is forbidden to open a bag of hazelnuts next to him, because when the bag is opened, he inhales the peanut granules that enter the air, and this can lead to an allergic reaction. I can’t eat hazelnuts either, because if he kisses them with the mouth of the hazelnut,

mother said.

Self-injected adrenaline preparations do not currently receive Social Security benefits. Although approval can be obtained on a fair basis after appropriate research, NGOs consider it essential that everyone, regardless of financial means, has access to life-saving injections. According to the Allergen Association, it will be very important for all teachers to be properly educated, and their main goal is to provide life-saving injections in all schools. In addition, they also want to not allow hazelnut or peanut foods in schools.

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