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Stuntfest: World Tour Introduced

In the broken racing game by THQ Nordic and Pow Wow Entertainment, it won’t matter if we leave our car in the middle of the road – it’s enough if our driver breaks the finish line. One piece preferred.

We have to admit, we’re just scratching our heads in confusion at Stuntfest: the world tour announcement. Stuntfest as a title isn’t exactly new: Wreckfest’s development team, Bugbear Entertainment, already released a prototype on Steam Early Access in 2016 with that title, and the concept was also similar, albeit in a more primitive form. Furthermore, at the start of the year, we could hear rumors that Team Bugbear would be making Stuntfest, which has been completely redesigned since, as a full game this year.

However, regarding THQ Nordic’s announcement today, the name of the Finnish development team has never appeared. Today, completely independent of the previous prototype, Stuntfest: World Tour is introduced, a competition game that dances on the frontiers of FlatOut and Destruction AllStars, not to mention Wreckfest, whose development was the responsibility of Pow’s development in Austria for the Wow Entertainment Brigade. Something is wrong here.

But if we get past the behind-the-scenes weirdness, we can see that we’re dealing with a truly flawed and safety-challenging car racing game. Did the quad car hit a wall? do not worry! The point is, our competitor himself is ripping through Pepita’s squad. Broken bones will heal over time.

Stuntfest: World Tour is coming to PC later this year.