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Successful campaigns during the pandemic: The Hungarian producer brought gold and silver from the 2020 promotion contest

2021. 05. 04. 15:30

Two 2020 campaigns from Hungarian Product Nonprofit Ltd. With prizes in the Most Successful Promotion Competition of 2020. In conjunction with Tricky Communication, the “Hungarian Product Discovery Promotion” Competition, with Gold Medal, is presented with PRC PR & Media Agency. Defend your country! The competition won a silver medal based on the decision of the professional jury and after the evaluation of the focus group research.

An important plus for Discover Explorer was that companies were able to join the game, which included valuable prizes showcasing various sights and cultural attractions in the country, with a low entry limit. Participants liked the campaign with its scratch cards and a dynamic and youthful website also successfully attracted. Plus, after downloading the code, everyone instantly discovered if they had won anything from the valuable prizes hierarchy.

Those who were unable to read interesting information about each county, so the educational nature of the program was also strong.

In addition to increasing purchases, the campaign was also an important goal of the campaign and showcased the products it uses. The game, which lasted 34 weeks from spring to January this year, was attended by 16 companies and more than 28,000 players, and has reached over 106,000 code downloads. Customers increased their chances of winning by canceling each province, and they could actually win a game prize, the main prize was Ft 1 million. Game usage, mobile optimization, effective communication with winners, and powerful retargeting ads were also important.

“Take your home! The experts who evaluated the “Protect Your Homeland” campaign highlighted the attractive nature of the masks painted on the city lights posters of the stations and the imaginative slogan. The timing was also a huge success, and the fact that supporting the local economy is already a widely accepted view, people associate the high quality with the branded products, which definitely contributed to the positive reception.

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With the launch of the campaign in March, which affected the epidemic, the non-profit organization that unites producers of local products specifically reflected the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic situation.

The message that we can protect jobs by purchasing local goods has been successfully conveyed through a campaign that has been joined by more than 100 factories and thousands of individuals and retail chains. Thirty new companies started using trademarks, and media appearances reached 200 million.