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Such a planet astronomers have never seen

They were the first to discover a planet orbiting three stars.

Scientists at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) used the ALMA Observatory in the Atacama Desert, Chile, to study the GW Orions star system. The three dust rings around the three stars, which are key to the formation of planets, were analyzed Educational Scientific News Portal. Meanwhile, a large but mysterious hole was found on the Triple Star Panel.

Experts have studied many different possible causes of the phenomenon, including the possibility that the gap was created by the gravitational force of the three stars.

However, according to their analyzes, the most likely and exciting explanation is that the gap in the disk is caused by the presence of one – or more – massive Jupiter-like planets.

Recording of the GW Orion star systemForrás: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), ESO/Exeter/Kraus et al.

Gas giants are usually the first planets to form within a star system. Next are planetary bodies with a solid surface, called Earth-type planets.

The celestial body itself is not visible, but based on the discoveries, it can be concluded that it is the first planet to orbit around three stars.

In the coming months, further studies will be conducted using this ALMA telescope to obtain direct evidence to explain this phenomenon.

This could mean that the planets are more active than we thought.” said Jeremy Smallwood, lead author of the study at UNLV.

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