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Sunday dawn, a Chinese missile could hit the ground

Several times a day We reported itThat a Chinese missile called the Long March 5B will return to Earth without any control, according to Reuters reports In his last articleThat remains can enter the atmosphere at dawn on a Saturday or Sunday night. On Friday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said the missile parts would burn on return and were unlikely to cause any damage.

He made a similar statement Jonathan McDowellHe is also an astrophysicist at Harvard University, and says the situation is not dramatic and there is little chance that someone will be hit by a piece of the missile. According to the expert, it is still impossible to determine where the debris collided, since the missile is moving at such high speed that it changes course on a daily basis. The pieces likely land in the ocean simply because they make up so much of the planet’s surface.

On April 29, China launched the main unit of its future permanent space station into space with a Long March 5B missile. The unit called Tian-he, or Heavenly Harmony, was launched from the Vencsang Space Center on Hainan Island. Creating a permanent Chinese space station, along with the current one, will require 11 missions, and by the end of next year, the first group of three astronauts will be sent to the station, which will be there for a period of six months.

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