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Sunscreen: So check the label before using it!

What are the criteria for choosing a sunscreen?

After long, sultry months, we can’t wait to finally enjoy the sunshine. We want to get a beautiful skin tone and tan as quickly as possible, so we don’t often lubricate ourselves. page naptej In addition to using files We can also nail it well without burning. The secret is gradation and appropriate sun protection for our skin type, said Dr. Andrea Fay, MD, dermatologist at Buddha Health Centre.

skin type One of the most important aspects. It doesn’t matter if our skin and hair are light, we probably have Creole skin and brown hair, or if we have a lot of moles. The whiter we are or the more moles we have, the more SPF we need.

worker number – On the package, the sun protection factor (SPF) indicates the factor number, which can be as high as 10, 15, 20, 25 or above 50. The more brown we are, the lower the factor number we need. The highest factor of 50 is recommended for children with very fair skin.

Protection from physical or chemical light Physical sunscreens adhere to the skin, reflect light rays, and because they do not contain absorbent chemicals, they are especially recommended for children and adults with sensitive skin. It is much more pleasant to use chemical sunscreens, as they are easily absorbed into the skin. After being absorbed, it does not leave a white film on our skin and provides protection by absorbing the sun’s rays. Sunscreens of this type should be applied half an hour before sunbathing in order to have a timely protective effect.

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In addition to the factor number, you may want to take a look at this particular product The active substance is photostableIt decomposes more slowly, providing more effective protection against harmful solar radiation.

UV-A and UV-B protection It is important that the sunscreen provides protection from ultraviolet rays, as they are primarily responsible for premature skin aging, while the latter is responsible for sunburn. Frequent sunburn and uncontrolled sunbathing can cause precancerous changes in the skin. Full protection guarantee!

water resistant – Water resistance indicates that the cream also provides protection in water for some time. But this does not mean that it is enough to moisturize ourselves only once, at the beginning of the beach. It is worth repeating it frequently after showering and in case of sweating.

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“In terms of texture, we can choose Cream, sunscreen and oil From. If you have oily skin, sunscreen is preferred, and those with dry skin can use the oil with confidence. There are also sunscreens developed specifically for the face that can be used to prevent facial skin from becoming shiny and greasy. Also, be sure to moisturize yourself well so you don’t leave any surfaces bare, as this will also reduce your sun protection. However, the right sunscreen for our skin type only partially protects against sunburn. Use it correctly and regularly too Don’t stay in the hot sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.The doctor added.