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Superretro: This is what PC, Windows, and the Internet looked like 40 years ago

Today, we consider that almost anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, the Internet is wired or wireless; that our desktop computer is running Windows 10 or 11 (or a similar Linux distribution with a graphical interface); And that our computer screen can display literally billions of colors. However, this wasn’t the case for a few decades – and for those who weren’t involved in IT until then, the equations for the above things might not be recognizable at the time.

And that’s exactly what this little short video shows, what the PC, Windows and the Internet were like 30-40 years ago. It features an old Zenith monochrome laptop (presumably with an outdated x86 processor) running Windows 1.0 and a modem that dials in at barely 300bps (0.003MB, the slowest internet connection today). At a rate of about 1/30000 th) is connected to the World Wide Web, and its content is only text – because it can’t do anything else.

By the way, the clip was made recently, but the stuff in it is really old, tech items that are decades old, and reviving it gives old motorcyclists some nostalgia, while for younger ones it’s something they might not have seen before – and in light of that it’s probably even better. . They will appreciate where the technology has gone today.

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