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Surprisingly, many employees use this excuse

21 percent of employees confirmed that they hid from a call or appointment by pretending their device was installing an update. This is a perfectly acceptable excuse, because software upgrades can really disrupt business: A third of employees (35 percent) reported missing a call due to upgrades. These results come from a study commissioned by Kaspersky, which examined employees’ attitudes and habits towards retrofits.

Frequent meetings are often considered one of the most unpleasant parts of an office routine. Switching to remote work and virtual meetings didn’t improve the situation either, as people were tired of video calls and felt more tired by the end of the workday. Kaspersky’s latest research shows that some employees have found a good excuse for how to dodge calls:

Pretend that your work device was unavailable due to the update.

Colleagues think so, because they’ve already experienced what it’s like when a device needs updating. In addition to discussions skipped, 37 percent of employees also reported that some of their unsaved work or data was lost when restarting their computer or laptop after installing updates.

Overall, some employees see this asset downtime as an excellent opportunity to procrastinate: 27 percent of respondents admitted to installing updates to intentionally waste time. However, employees often don’t like it when something interrupts their work, so 65 percent want updates outside of business hours to keep them productive.

Updates are usually downloaded during business hours, in silent mode, and have no business impact. However, a restart is required to apply it to the system. Of course, some commercial issues cannot be put off, so users can usually restart their devices within a while. As you can see, some people may miss these notifications or not want to restart their devices. Therefore, the necessary restart may take place at the most inopportune time, before an important call or while writing a long email, “he said in a survey. IPad Tooth, Director of Kaspersky in Hungary.

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