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Susan Boyle was the discoverer of Got Talent: a 61-year-old singer in recent photos – World Star

Susan Boyle He radically changed his life when he appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. When he took the stage, many laughed at the then-47-year-old, but when she started singing the song I Dreamed a Dream, known from the dystopian musical, everyone dropped her chin on the good voice. In the end he finished second, but became the biggest winner in the third season of the talent hunt.

Susan Boyle in new photos

He has built a successful music career, releasing seven albums and a compilation album over the past 13 years, most recently released in 2019 under the title Ten.

Although the money and sudden success of many well-known people affected negatively, Boyle remained the same humble and kind woman that he had been. He still lives in the Scottish home where he grew up. However, outwardly she has changed a lot, she wears more fashionable clothes, and her hairstyle has also become more modern. She has lost 12 pounds since her talent hunt because she has type 2 diabetes and had to give up sweets for her health.

As for his love life, he said in 2020 that his last date was in America in 2014, but in the end it did not become a serious relationship, he wrote. Edinburgh Live. Since then, there is no information about whether there is a special someone in your life.

In our collection you can see what Susan Boyle looks like today.

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