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Suspected of treason against the head of one of the largest Russian electronic defense companies

They quoted a brief statement from the press service of the Lefortovo Court that Sachskov was placed in pre-trial detention for two months. The court did not provide any other information as the materials of the criminal proceedings were encrypted.

Group IB confirmed Wednesday morning that a house search had been conducted at the company’s headquarters in Moscow the day before, but they don’t know why. The company said that the service for users and partners is seamless.

The HCLU news agency spoke to an anonymous official of the violent organizations, who said that Sakharov denies committing the crimes attributed to him. In his own words, Sakharov does not admit that he betrayed his country, causing “authoritarian and national damage” to Russia, and does not admit that he cooperated with intelligence in other countries.

Group IB deals with the detection and prevention of cyber attacks and the protection of intellectual property available on the Internet. It is one of the leading Russian companies in the field of cybersecurity, whose clients include domestic and foreign banks, energy and communications companies, but also the international police organization Interpol.

In 2016, Forbes magazine ranked Sakskov as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world under the age of 30, associate professor at the Department of Information Security at Moscow Technical University named after Nikolai Bauman and a member of expert committees of the State Duma and the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In Russia, treason is punishable by imprisonment from twelve to twenty years.