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Sweden conducts naval exercises under the auspices of the British-led military alliance

Sweden is conducting naval exercises in the Baltic Sea under the auspices of the British-led Joint Naval Force (JEF), Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hulkwist said in London on Tuesday.

It is a defense policy statement and a signal that we can work together, enhance our military capabilities and work together in a variety of crisis situations.Hultqvist said at a news conference.

The invasion of Ukraine began in 2014 and is now continuing with the actions taken by Russia in violation of international law.“The head of the Swedish ministry stressed that Stockholm is ready to increase support for Ukraine. As he said, the purpose of naval exercises is to ensure freedom of navigation in the Baltic Sea.

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia over Western countries have escalated in recent months. The United States and its European allies on Tuesday announced further sanctions against Russia after Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of two “People’s Republics” in the Donetsk Basin and ordered the deployment of “peacekeeping” troops in secluded areas.

Founded in December 2012, the JEF (Joint Fleet Force) is an international force formed by members of Northern European countries consisting of members from Great Britain, Denmark, the three Baltic states, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden.

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