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Swimming: I want to win the Olympics! – Nicolette Badar

Many young swimmers will have the opportunity to prove themselves at the Hungarian World Championships, the most distant will be Nicolette Badar and Hubert Koss.

Nikolett Pádár deserves attention at this year’s World Championships (Photo: MTI/Anikó Kovács)

He screamed, shouted, chanted, and did it all with mouth to ear: 16-year-old Italian Anna Nicolette Badar, with amazing strength, won the 200 sprint final at the national championship in Debrecen at the end of April – Nicolette won, but most importantly From the gold medal: He finished the race by 57.91 points.

He said he wanted to swim 1:57. He did it! “ The fourth open water Olympic swimmer revealed.

It was not only the result of the time in Debrecen that told us that Nicolette Badar deserves attention in the future, foreign experts have already turned their heads about his performance.

Although her grandmother was swimming, her parents took young Nicolette to the pool to learn to swim and to have safe water – she, her sister and her sister also made the trip.

Gubor Gilert, coach of Nicolette Board
“Niki is developing dynamically, and I’m not the only one who thinks Katinka hasn’t had a swimmer with this physique at home since then. He is a very good type of runner, he doesn’t like getting someone’s attention because he always says why he pays attention to someone else when he wins He has the stubbornness he needs to be world class, but this trait does not make everyday life easier, however it is an experience to work with because he not only believes in what I tell him, but is able to do it. I believe there are three types of floats. The first includes Those who are able to rise to the level of the world competitions, the second are those who can advance to the finals or even win medals, and the third are those who can win, even more than once. We chose the first category with Niki, and I hope we don’t get stuck here.”

Then Nicolette stayed in the pool because: “I always loved the water, I had a great time in it. Soon the coaches started saying I was talented, then I won a gold in my first city race and then won for a year. Then came a fight in Hódmezővásárhely, in which I finished second. I still remember the feeling. : I have been very bitter.

Max has been a key trait ever since, as well as a desire to win, but he also learned how to draw strength from failure. She has matured into a purposeful little girl, and she also needs this quality if she wants to fulfill her dream.

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“I want to become an Olympic champion, I am not afraid to say it. I know that I can fulfill my dream. I am confident in the pool, near the water, I would not say that in everyday life, maybe I will be successful in swimming because I only have to watch myself in the water. The European Youth Champion swimmer, who also revealed that he has been training very hard for nearly two years, says: “If I had to repeat the exercise ten times, I’m sure I would do it fifteen times.”

Nicolette Badar has been with Gábor Gellért since he was 12, an extreme trainer like himself, who swears by the job as well as the young swimmer.

“My coach believes in me and I can be there for the Paris Olympics, and he will support me even if I run out of strength or faith.” – characterizes their relationship with the girl from Szeged, who five years ago supported Hungarian swimmers from the stands at the World Water Championships, then vowed that if Hungary hosted the World Cup again, she wanted to be there as an athlete.

This dream will come true soon, as you can start in Danube Arena at speed 200 as a member of the 4×200 speed changer:“My coach is the Fed captain for open water swimmers so he knows how to do excellent stamina, I don’t have a problem with speed, the two together are good for two hundred speeds. I am very happy to be able to start in the Hungarian World Cup, and I definitely want to reach the semi-finals , and my goal is to get away from my time in Debrecen, or maybe better.”

She was only five years old – small interview

– Your first big race is coming, as your big model won’t start anymore.
– I can name Michael Phelps as a role model, but I actually have a role model, László Cseh. I am grateful to be able to be with him on the Hungarian team at the Tokyo Olympics, and we both swam the same number, mixed two hundred He answered the bronze for the short track Ibb Hubert tasting.

– Why did you follow László Cseh’s career with special interest?
– When I was a kid, Lacey was the best Hungarian swimmer, he also swam mixed, and at that time he was still on his back, and I was very good at swimming. But I was a fan of all the Hungarians: I was in the stands at the 2010 European Championships on Margaret Island and then decided I wanted to be a swimmer like those who were only competing in the pool. And I said for the first time that I wanted to be an Olympic champion when Daniel Giorta won in London.

One of his dreams will soon come true, as there will be a mixture of two hundred and four hundred in Hungary. His great role model also believes that he needs to prepare mentally to host the World Cup on his home soil. Are you preparing?
“A year and a half ago, a quarter of the stands were full at the World Cup, because there were no more people because of the epidemic, but this really threw a lot into my performance: I managed to win two hundred full-backs. I was there at the Danube stadium five years ago, and it was the support that The Hungarian swimmers received it amazing – I still have similar hopes, and knowing myself, I think helps me.

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