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Switzerland is opening its doors: You can go to restaurants, cinemas and even concerts starting Monday

In Switzerland, on Monday, the third phase of easing restrictions related to the Coronavirus epidemic will begin. Terraces of theaters, cinemas, concert halls and restaurants are open. MTI also wrote that fans will be permitted to enter stadiums during sporting events

The gradual easing of the ban began on March 1, by order of the authorities, as a result of the stabilization of the number of patients in hospital intensive care units and the widespread vaccination of the elderly.

The Bern government said on its website that from April 19 it will be possible to organize public events again. Students who have studied distance learning since the 2nd of November of last year return to the classroom. Restaurants can also open their balconies. However, desks on these terraces need to be at least 1.5 meters away and can accommodate up to four guests at the table.

Outdoor sporting events and parties can be attended by up to 100 spectators and the maximum number of indoor spectators is 50. For special events, including group visits to museums, the number of groups must not exceed 15 people.

In Switzerland, 8.5 million, the highest number of deaths from the Coronavirus in a single day was April 29, and it has remained below ten in recent days. The daily number of new infected people has reached about 2,000 recently.

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