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Switzerland lifted the no-fly zone, but significant delays are expected

A spokesman for the airport said, due to a technical problem in the air traffic control system, it halted take-off and landing at Zurich Airport on Wednesday morning, adding that there are similar problems at other Swiss airports. Geneva Airport authorities wrote on the Twitter community this morning that it was not possible to land or take off in Geneva due to a serious computer malfunction affecting air navigation service provider Skyguide. It wasn’t long before Swiss airspace was completely closed.

Geneva and Zurich are the two busiest Swiss airports, According to Flightradar, an average of 300 take-offs per day take place in Zurich and 220 in Geneva.. Long flights were diverted to surrounding airports, landed in Lyon, Vienna and Milan, and short flights did not leave – Bloomberg writes.

The error was corrected in the morning. Skyguide, who is in charge of the country’s air traffic control, said a technical flaw in the country’s air traffic control computer system has been corrected, airspace locks have been lifted, and air traffic has resumed over Switzerland and at Geneva and Zurich airports. Several hours of failure.

The message did not specify the cause of the malfunction. Spokesman Vladi Baroza clarified that they do not believe that a hacking attack has occurred.

Skyguide advised passengers to find out based on the airline’s flight information.

Eurocontrol warned airlines in a statement that they should expect “long delays”.

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